Res-Q Towing can haul larger vehicles like school buses, grain trucks, gravel trucks, mechanics, service trucks, tractors, and trailers. Just ask! This is a great example of what we can do. Our 53 foot Landoll has loaded 4 quads, a truck, 32 tires, and a tractor, all at one time! We tow your valuables as if they were our own. No worries for you!
For immediate assistance, call 403.335.8202 or 1.888.430.5288
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Roadside Assistance through the Alberta Motor Association provides 24-hour emergency service throughout Canada and the United States.

Road Canada's emergency roadside assistance services include 24-hour dispatch of emergency towing assistance, emergency delivery of fluids, flat tire assistance, battery assistance, lock-out assistance, and emergency assistance for collision towing.

Coach-Net is the most trusted name in the RV industry and has been in business of servicing the RV community by provisioning roadside and technical assistance for over 22 years.

Knowing your trailer is taken care of after an accident can help take some of the stress out of an otherwise very stressful time.

About Res-Q Towing
Res-Q Towing is an independently and privately owned and operated business by Brenda and Bill Fleming. We have been towing in the Didsbury area since 1988, doing local and long distance towing. Over time, we have demonstrated a commitment to the people of Mountain View County, that we are here to stay. We provide a fair, honest, and reliable service to all our customers, who rely on our service every day.

Over the years, we have watched as our business has grown and evolved, from a small business consisting of a couple of wreckers, to the business it has become today. A business which prides itself on fast, safe, and reliable service, using the latest eqiupment and techniques in the towing industry. Something that is unexpected of a small town/rural business.

The Res-Q Towing fleet in Didsbury, Alberta.

Today, our business has four full-time drivers, 1 part-time driver, seven trucks, and two storage yards. Our operators are fully trained and have taken the Wreckmaster certified course.

Our business is fully licensed and insured. We are members of AMVIC and the Alberta vehicle disposal program.

Res-Q Towing holds contracts with most Auto clubs like AMA, PDG, SYKES, ROAD CANADA, COACH-NET, and many others.

For prompt and courteous service, give Bill a call at 403.335.8202.

24 Hours a day Res-Q Towing offers towing services, day or night, and on weekends. FULL SERVICE TOWING Res-Q Towing offers towing services, day or night, and on weekends. 365 days a year

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