Res-Q Towing can haul larger vehicles like school buses, grain trucks, gravel trucks, mechanics, service trucks, tractors, and trailers. Just ask! This is a great example of what we can do. Our 53 foot Landoll has loaded 4 quads, a truck, 32 tires, and a tractor, all at one time! We tow your valuables as if they were our own. No worries for you!
For immediate assistance, call 403.335.8202 or 1.888.430.5288
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Roadside Assistance through the Alberta Motor Association provides 24-hour emergency service throughout Canada and the United States.

Road Canada's emergency roadside assistance services include 24-hour dispatch of emergency towing assistance, emergency delivery of fluids, flat tire assistance, battery assistance, lock-out assistance, and emergency assistance for collision towing.

Coach-Net is the most trusted name in the RV industry and has been in business of servicing the RV community by provisioning roadside and technical assistance for over 22 years.

Knowing your vehicle is taken care of after an accident can help take some of the stress out of an otherwise very stressful time.

We provide recovery services to an extensive range of companies in an almost limitless number of situations throughout Alberta.

If you need help moving a garden shed or other small building, give us a call. Res-Q Towing is here to help.

Res-Q Towing - Single Axle and Tandem Tilt Decks
Located in Didsbury, Alberta, Res-Q Towing has a variety of towing vehicles, including trucks that can handle towing heavy duty cargo.

Single Axle
These three trucks, two low profile and one 22 foot, handle the majority of our calls from towing, fuel delivery, boosting, tire changes, door unlocks, and winches. Our two low profiles are great for vehicles with all the ground effects packages. Together, these three trucks can handle all vehicles up to and including empty one-tons as well as your motorcycles, quads, and skidoos. All our trucks operate locally or long distance.
This 22 foot tilt deck auto carrier will handle up to, and including, a one ton vehicle.
Out low profile til deck handles all vehicles up to a 3/4 ton, including motorcycles.

Tandem Tilt Deck
This truck takes over where the smaller trucks leave off. Our tandem transports medium duty loads from service trucks to small grain trucks, small buses to ambulances.

It also helps with some farm and acreage equipment to construction equipment. It is also capable of hauling your RVs, motorhomes, campers, and trailers.

This truck takes over where the smaller trucks leave off.
This 28-foot tilt deck truck handles one-tons, ambulances, buses, service trucks, sheds, grain trucks, and more.

For prompt and courteous service, give Bill a call at 403.335.8202.

24 Hours a day Res-Q Towing offers towing services, day or night, and on weekends. FULL SERVICE TOWING Res-Q Towing offers towing services, day or night, and on weekends. 365 days a year

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